Touchline CP375 Duo & TCF375

The New Dimension In Perforating, creasing & Folding.

Up to 5 Applications In Only One Pass


Stop perforation in both directions is one of the key features of the Touchline CP375 DUO. Combined with the creasing and folding machine TOUCHLINE TCF375, the CP375 DUO can produce even more complex jobs easily and in a single pass with stop perforation in both directions and up and down crease – delivering creasing and folding that is both impressive and efficient.



  • Simple menu – driven operation. All important settings can be made centrally, directly via the touchscreen
  • For operation, all models are fitted with an automatic, ergonomic control panel during production
  • The inserted tools are detected electronically and the required pressure is automatically adjusted
  • Up to 5 applications in one pass!



  • Table extension
  • For longitudinal perforation CP375 DUO can be equipped with up to 4 perforating heads. Touchscreen operation





One Touch Operation









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