Touchline CF375

Creasing & Folding in One Application

The Touchline generation provides more flexibility and automation than any other product of its class. Multigraf introduced the unique Swing-Bar™ System to prevent the braking of paper fibres during the creasing process. Another unique characteristic of the Touchline CF375 is the fully-automatic setting of groove depths with different depth positions. The folding unit uses Multigraf’s patented Pro-Knife™ System which guarantees a perfect folding process even with thicker products. The machine processes up to 5000, 8.3 x 11.7 in size sheets per hour irrespective of the number of creases and folds.



  • Automatic programming
  • 6 standard fold types
  • Stacking Unit
  • Reliable paper transport
  • Suction feeder
  • Versatile and expendable
  • Stream delivery






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