Touchline C375 PLUS

The New Dimension In Creasing With Upgrade Option


The C375 PLUS is designed to meet the needs of today’s digital print companies, where short runs and fast turnarounds have been a particular feature of digital printing since the start. Creasing and perforations are those capabilities that are commonly required in digital print finishing. Being able to do this in a single-pass is a virtue. It is targeted at applications including vouchers and coupons, ticket and reply cards.
It features positive and negative creasing, and continuous or “stopped” lengthways and crossway perforating, with up to 4 perforating heads for crossway operation.



  • UPGRADE your C375 PLUS very quickly and easily from a creasing machine into a highfunctional creasing / perforating machine
  • Rotary and cross perforation
  • Stop perforation in both directions
  • Creasing or perforating
  • Up and down creasing
  • Online options for folding
  • Table extension







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