Perfect Binder 420 PUR

Standard features:

  • Unique closed PUR system including gear pump for precise glue application (PUR spine and side gluing) (tank capacity: 3 kgs)
  • Variable speed based on job requirements
  • Automatic book ejection to a sophisticated stackerunit
  • Adjustable book positioning from the touch screen (max. 10 mm)
  • Book releasing mode is adjustable via touch screen
  • Tiltable milling unit
  • Adjustable glue cut-off from the touch screen
  • Automatic cover feeding with inline scoring
  • Adjustable milling depth via touch screen (0 – 3 mm) and notching
  • Built in jogger
  • Automatic setup according to block thickness (side gluing and scoring)
  • Automatic carriage start
  • Paper dust extractor
  • Cover sensor
  • 3~400V

Available options for this model:

  • Ultrasonic double sheet detection
  • Additional scoring wheels (1 set)
  • Glue fume extractor
  • Glue level indication
  • Cover positioner with adjustable angle & Automatic cover positioning & Separate, switchable EVA side gluing unit
  • Remote service support, Industry 4.0 ready




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