Mobi 500

OBI 360 MOBI 500
User friendly, flexible, semi-automatic RENZ RING WIRE® binding machine
for books, calendars and skip binding.

Customer benefits :

  • Semi-automatic ring wire binding machine for books, calendars and skip binding
  • High flexibility of different paper formats
  • Ability to bind oversized products
  • Touch screen assisted setup process
  • Short setup times no tools required
  • Binds up to 260 sheets
  • Product is easily loaded by hanging it on to the element
  • No special training is required
  • Wheels allow the machine to be moved easily
  • Optional extra:
    – Shingle conveyor
    – KAS calendar hanger systems

Maximum :
Width 360 /500 mm
Bind up to 26 mm

Output :
Max.bound products per hour 800

Operator-friendly touch screen control allowing very quick and easy format changes.

Diameter can be easily adjusted with interchangeable guide plates per diameter.

Pre-punched products are manually hung horizontally. A foot switch then activates the transportation and binding station, and the next wire is presented for the next product.

A standard catch tray collects the bound product. This can be upgraded with the optional shingle conveyor for quicker handling workflow.

Optional extra:
Shingle conveyor – height adjustable conveyor can be used in a continuous running function or with an adjustable overlap setting.

Optional extra:
Calendar hanger dispenser for loose hangers:
KA 200 von 80 – 200 mmS
KA 300 von 80 – 290 mm.

Optional extra:
KA 300 R
calendar hanger dispenser for hangers on reels from 80 – 290 mm.




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