DPB 500

The DuBinder DPB-500 is Duplo’s single clamp perfect binder that produces a strong bind and quality results. It enables economic and efficient short runs as well as having a highly productive cycle speed of 525 bph, making it equally suitable for longer run lengths.

Process Speed The Number of Clamp
525 cycle/hour 1


Model/Type DPB-500
Machine type Floor model
The Number of Clamp 1
Type of Binding Binding with a cover, binding without a cover
Book Block 【Binding thickness】
 1 to 51 mm +cover thickness
【Maximum size】
 360 (L) x 320 (H) mm
【Minimum size】
 120 (L) x 120 (H) mm
【Book block form】
 Sheet, single-folded, double-folded
【Paper type】
 52 to 157 g/m²
 79 to 157 g/m²
Cover 【Feeding method】
 Belt suction(Separating air, separator manual non-step adjustment)
【Maximum size】
 360 (L) x 696 (W) mm
【Minimum size】
 120 (L) x 250 (W) mm
【Paper type】
 81.4 to 302 g/m²
 104.7 to 302 g/m²
【Stack height】
 70 mm
if the length is 170 mm or shorter, 40 mm
Maximum Binding Speed 525 cycle/hour
Milling Maximum 4 mm(0.16 inch)
Manual 6 step adjustment: 0, 0.5, 1.0, 2, 3, 4 mm(0, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08, 0.12, 0.16 inch)
Roughening 2 pieces
Gluing 【Glue thickness】
 0.5 to 2.25 mm ※adjust the height of the drums manually
 2 + spine meter roller
【Side glue】
 Roller method
【Glue cutting】
【Warm-up period】
 Approximately 30 minutes ※varies depending on the hot melt glue type and environment
Scoring 【The number of score】
 Each 2 on the operator’s side and non-operator’s side(spine and hinge)
【Depth adjustment】
 Manual non-step adjustment
【Ream weight】
 157g/m² or more(The use of 157g/m² may cause skew.)
【Scoring width】
  3 to 51 mm (no scoring for a book block with a thickness of less than 3mm)
Nipping 【Height adjustment】Manual non-step adjustment
Stacker 【Stacking method】Vertical stack
【Stack height】Maximum 200 mm(7.87 inches)
Noise Emission 76 dB or less (Sound pressure level at peak: 114.2 dB)
Ratings Three-phase Y208 V,240 V 60 Hz (USA, Canada)/ Three-phase Y380 to Y415 V 50/60 Hz(Europe)
Power Consumption 3.2 kw 8A/single-phase (USA, Canada), 3.2 kw 5 A/single-phase (Europe)
Dimensions 2,790(W) x 928(D) x 1,343(H) mm
Weight 712.5kg (North America), 725.5kg(Europe)
Option Wing scoring, Long staker, Barcode kit





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