DFC S II | File Setter

DFC-SⅡ is the industry’s first stapler module for both “Traditional Staple Binding” and unique “Punch Hole Bind(PHB)” by changing staple head. PHB eliminates the need for metal staples and combines hole punch and staple. The safe, economical, and environment friendly stapler module with DFC collator is thought to be best for schools, office, and in-plants.

Paper Size Punch capacity
A5~B4 24sheets

Paer size A5~B4  Staple Capacity 25sheets  A4 Staple speed 40sets/min  Right or Left corner stitch  Side stitch  Staple 1~2  e-staple speed 25sets/min

Model/Type File Setter DFC-SⅡ
Machine type Desktop stapler and file setter
Paper type Fine quality paper, Middle quality paper
Paper size Width
182 to 257 mm
140 to 364 mm
Paper Weight 52.3 ~ 127.9 gsm
Staple Capacity Stapling
Max. 25 sheets(81.4gsm)and within 2.5mm.(Connecting collator DFC-101/120: Max. 12 sheets)
Punch Hole Binding
Max. 10 sheets (64 or 81.4 gsm)
Process Stapling/Punch Hole Binding (Corner, Counter Corner, Side)
Detect Function No-staple, Paper-Jam, Door-Open, Tray-Full, Trouble, Mis-alignment sets, Kits connection
Process Speed Stapling
25, 35, 40 sets/min
*Process speed of Stapling for over A4 paper is 25 or 35 sets /min.
Punch Hole Binding
35 sets/min
*Process speed of PHB for over A4 paper is 25 sets /min.
Exit Tray Capacity 70 to 75mm
* When the PHB KIT R /PHB KIT L is used, the maximum capacity may be 30 mm or less.
Pitch Stapling
148.5mm fixed (Ratio 1:2:1 against 297mm A4 paper)
Punch Hole Binding
80mm fixed
Staples 5,000 staples/cartridge (Only Stapler kit R/L)
Power Supply 100 – 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 0.5A, 42W
Dimensions In use
Weight Including Stapler kit R, L
31.5 kg
Including PHB kit R, L




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