DBM 350T

The DBM-350T is a face-trimming unit designed to be used for the DBM-350.Trimming the open edge enables each booklet to be high quality and external trim waste collection allows for non stop production.

Trimming capacity Process Speed
20sheets 3,000sets/h

Trim Capacity 40sheets20mm

Model/Type Trimmer DBM-350T
Machine type Trimmer
Paper type Fine quality paper
64 to 127.9gsm
Art/Coated paper
104.7 to 127.9gsm
Cover sheet
within 300 gsm
Paper size Length
105 to 230mm
105 to 320mm
Finished Size Length
105 to 320mm
85 to 230mm
Trimmer Two knives (upper/lower)
Trimming Length 1 to 20mm
Trimming Performance Up to 40 sheets (fine quality paper 81.4 gsm 19 sheets + 300 gsm 1 sheet)
Maximum Process Speed 3,000 sets/h(within 10 sheets, A5 finished)
Dimensions 920(W)×650(D)×1,110(H)mm
Weight 73kg




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