42 SE


Automatic wire spiral inserting machine. Forms and inserts lengths of spirals into the pre-punched book blocks. For all types of metal spiral book production.

Customer benefits:

  • Automatic spiral insertion
  • Crimping of both ends simultaneously
  • Short changeover between sizes and pitch
  • Vertical book placement can accommodate tabs

Maximum :
Width : 420 MM
Bind Up To : 24 MM

Output :
Max. bound products per hour 600

Position the pre-punched product on the table-plate.

The machine can be operated with a knee or a table switch from a comfortable seated position.

The wire is unwound from the spool and formed on the mandrel to the required diameter of the spiral.

The spiral is then pushed through the pre-punched holes.

The spiral is inserted electrically for the required length (up to 420 mm).

The spiral is crimped, bent inwards and cut at both ends.

The product can be removed with perfect crimps at both ends.

Additional options:
Special equipment for incorporating calendar hangers.

When using 6 mm or 6.35 pitch you can bind the following book block thicknesses with these punched hole patterns:




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