4 Buckle Paper Folding Machine

KMD’s 4 buckle paper folding machine has a maximum paper size of 360×750mm. The machine is equipped with 4 buckle plates. It can directly realize 4 times parallel folding, and it can also be configured 2 tail buckles, 4 tail buckles, 6 tail buckles, 8 tail buckles, 10 tail buckles according to the requirements to achieve different complex folding methods such as: half folding, double parallel folding, roll folding and so on.


  • Max feeding sheet size (W*L) : 360*750mm
  • Min feeding sheet size (W*L) : 50*100mm
  • Sheet range : 40-157g
  • Max folding roller speed : 180m/min
  • Max. height of paper heap : 500mm
  • Machine power : 2.5kw
  • Machine net weight : 350kg
  • Overall dimension(L*W*H) : 2700*1000*1415mm




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