Vertical Paper Stacker

The vertical paper stacker is suitable for smaller-sized folding sheets, and is ideal for situations where a normal paper stacker cannot complete a smooth delivery, as it will neatly align and arrange the folded paper. The counting function is also completed accurately when the main machine processes paper in a consecutive manner, effectively solving problems that arise with a smaller machine, thus ensuring delivery is more efficient and saves time. If you do not have any special requirements for a paper stacker, we do suggest simply utilizing the paper stacker that comes with your machine.


  • Max feeding sheet size(W*L) : 270*80mm
  • Min feeding sheet size(W*L) : 20*30mm
  • Sheet range : 40-157g
  • Max folding roller speed : 180m/min
  • Machine power : 180 W
  • Machine net weight : 60kg
  • Overall dimension(L*W*H) : 700*550*1250mm


The height of the paper stacker can be adjusted as needed.

High quality non-slip belt transport system

Brake casters can be moved freely or instantly, which makes them convenient and affordable

Infinite speed switch control system: the working speed can be adjusted according to the speed of the host.

The magnetic bar and magnetic block makes the paper tidier.




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