Storage Cart


Max load size: 340*470mm for standard tray
Trays: 550*800mm for extention table
Unpacked dimensions: 16 standard tray +1 extention tray
Weight capacity: 950*700*1500mm,250KG




  • Small footprint,cycling rotating,convenient for all kinds of papers
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible shelf position as per user needs
  • Extention table for long paper
  • Inward slanting to prevent paper falling off
  • 4 handles in different directions
  • Label area for easy management
  • Heavy duty casters,easy to move and lock


1. Stack paper
The storage cart can stack all kinds of paper in a fixed position to make sheets on a labelled tray handy to staff with fixed job in a Print house or Copy rooms.
This can be also very useful in exhibition

2.Deliever paper or books
The storage cart can help staff to deliever different papers from section to section,such as take unprinted paper to printing machines or from printing machines to finishing machines, or finished products next section.
This can be also useful in Libraries and Mail rooms




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