Lamibind 2000 EVA

Standard features:

  • 2 in 1 tank for spine and sidegluing
  • Sidegluing applied by ribbed disks
  • Adjustable glue cut-off from the touch screen
  • Fix milling depth (0.5 mm) and notching
  • Tiltable milling unit
  • Paper dust extractor
  • Adjustable book positioning from the touch screen (max. 10 mm)
  • Cover sensor
  • Large cover holder, with skew adjustment
  • Automatic carriage start
  • 1~230V

Available options for this model:

  • Magnetic bookblock support
  • Glue fume extractor
  • Sideshelf
  • Tape binding
  • Direct hardcover binding, with adjustable nipping height




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