PK-0705 & PK-0705 PLUS

PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with various of tools, it can quickly and precisely make through cutting, half cutting, creasing and marking. It is suitable for sample making and short-run customized production for signs, printing and packaging industries. It is a cost-effective smart equipment that meets all your creative processing.


  • High Frequency Electronic Oscillating Knife

    -material can be more various and thicker, to meet different cutting requirements

  • Combine intelligent cutting/creasing/drawing functions-meet all your creative processing demand

– cut labels of any shape & cutting, creasing any cardboard carton type

  • Precise Automatic Positioning System

– with high definition CCD camera, it realizes automatic precise positioning of various materials, automatic contour cutting, solving problems of manual positioning and printing deformation, so as to active simple and precise cutting purposes

  • Barcode Management System

– scanning barcodes allow quick reading of cutting tasks

  • Automatic Feeding System

– fully automatic feeding system makes the production more efficient

Cutting Head Type PK PK PLUS
Machine Type PK0705 PK0705 PLUS
Cutting Area  (L*W) 750mm x 530mm 750mm x 530mm
Flooring Area (L*W*H) 2600mm x 1000mm x 1150mm 2600mm x 1000mm x 1150mm
Cutting TOOL Universal Cutting Tool, Creasing Wheel, Kiss Cut Tool Oscillating Tool, Universal Cutting Tool, Creasing Wheel, Kiss Cut Tool
Cutting Material Car sticker, Sticker, Card paper, PP Paper, Reflective material KT Board, PP Paper, Foam Board, Sticker, Reflective/ Material, Card Board, Plastic Sheet, Corrugated Board Grey Board, Corrugated Plastic, ABS Board, Magnetic Sticker
Cutting Thickness ≤ 2mm  ≤ 6mm
Media Vacuum System Vacuum System
Max Cutting Speed 1,000 mm/s 1,000 mm/s
Cutting Accuracy ± 0.1mm ± 0.1mm
Data Format PLT / DXF / HPGL / PDF / EPS  PLT / DXF / HPGL / PDF / EPS
Voltage Power 220 v± 10% 50 Hz   220 v± 10% 50 Hz




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