DSF 6000

DSF-6000 document sheet feeder is ideal for customers with medium to high production volume demands. It can process pre-collated digital or offset printed documents at a maximum production rate of 600 sheets per minute,which is able to connect systems of DBMS and DBM-600.

Paper size Paper loading volume Process Speed
B6~A3SR 610mm 600sheets/min


Model/Type Sheet Feeder DSF-6000
Machine type Floor type sheet feeder
Feeding system Belt suction feed system using a fan, Elevator feeder system
Maximum paper loading volume 610mm
Buffer capacity 10 sheets * Depending on the paper quality
Paper size Min.120(W)×210(L)mm
Paper quality Fine qulaity, Art/coated
Paper weight Fine quality paper
64 to 300 gsm
Art/Coated paper
64 to 300 gsm
Paper type Sheet
Processing speed 600 sheets/min (A4 SEF)
Additional functions Hand-feed (sheet and set), End mark detection (CCD sensor), Anti-static apparatus
Power supply AC100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2.7A – 1.2A
Dimensions 1,519(W)× 797(D)× 1,148(H)mm
Weight 302kg
Model/Type DSF-CFL
Machine type Mounted-type cover feeder (For DSF-6000)
Paper feeding method Belt suction system
Maximum paper loading volume 60mm
Paper size Min.120(W) to 356(L)mm
Max.210(W) to 610(L)mm
Paper quality Fine quality paper
64 to 300 gsm
Art/Coated paper
64 to 300 gsm
Paper type Sheet
Maximum paper feeding speed A4 portrait
190 sheets/min
A3 portrait
145 sheets/min
Dimensions When connected to the DSF-6000
1,519(W)× 797(D)× 1,776(H)mm
Weight When stand-a-lone
75 kg (Including accessories)




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