8336 BSC – Multi Card


  • 9 inch touch screen display and  contral
  • Programmable slit,cut,screen in one pass
  • High pile vacuum feeding system
  • X/Y image drift auto compensation
  • Stretch/shrink compensation
  • Indentation depth is sutomatically adjusted according to paper thickness
  • Simple slitting knife for removing to solve drift and cumulative error.


Infeed size: 330mm*650mm(Hardware,Software allows input to 1100mm (Maximum size) ; 210*210mm (Minimum size)
Outfeed size: 50mm*48mm-330*650mm
Infeed: Right feed
Paper type: Chrome, laminated,UV coated etc.
Loading capacity: 100mm
Speed: 20 pcs/min (A4 ,4 side trim ,one crease)
Double sheet detection: Ultrasonic
Drift compensation:X and Y axis image drift compensation
Paper weight: 0.2-0.4mm
Crease width:1.0mm standard, 0.4, 0.6, 1.2, 1.4mm option
Crease depth adjustment:Auto adjustment according to thickness
Crease/Perf:Up to 32 times in one pass
Cutting: Up to 32 times in one pass
Image shrink and stretch: X and Y axis compensation
Accuracy: ±0.3mm(Except for special paper)
Margin slit: 3.2-38.5mm
Gutter slit: 0 or 5-15mm
Margin cut: head 3.2-15mm ,tail 5-15mm
Gutter cut: 0 or 3-15mm
Business card tray:yes
Full tray detection:yes
Computer interface, Trimposer control:yes
Barcode reading system:yse
Optional :Cross perforator (12/24/52TPI),Trimposer perperes,Ultrasonic double feed detection,Slitter,Scorer,Linear kiss cutter,Linear perforator (12/24/48TPI),Linear Partial perforator(12/24/48TPI),Auto Card stacker,
Power: Both 110V and 220V, 50Hz/60Hz





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